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Automate your turf maintenance contracts

Automate your turf maintenance contracts with BigMow Robot Mower

World's leading robot for large areas

The superior quality of the BigMow robot mower was born of our desire to fully satisfy the most demanding professional standards. A great asset to any forward thinking turf maintenance business, the robot will greatly improve the quality of the grass for your customers and allow you to make significant savings.

BigMow - What makes BigMow different

Difference With BigMow

BigMow - A Quality Cut

A Quality Cut

BigMow - What are the benefits automation?

Benefits Of Automation?

How It Works

The Art Of Mowing

BigMow - The Perfect Cut

The Perfect Cut

Floating heads and retractable blades

Bigmow - Hard Working

Hard Working

Indestructible and tireless

BigMow - Sense Of Direction

Sense Of Direction

Navigation and mobility

BigMow - Most Valuable Helper

Most Valuable Helper

What makes BigMow different

BigMow - Small But Mighty

Small But Mighty

Build quality and warning system

BigMow - Safe Pair Of Hands

Safe Pair Of Hands

Safety and accident prevention

Who Uses

Customer Feedback

  • BigMow Robot LawnMower

    South Cerney Golf Club & Driving Range

    "The outfield is looking alot tidier already, the significance being that it’s only been the robots that have been in use. With the added fact that it has rained in the past few days the difference is much better"
    Mark Franklin - Managing Director

  • BigMow on Charge Station

    Slinfold Golf & Country Club

    "The support has been very good and we are very happy with the efficiency the robots have brought to our facility, it is really making a difference"
    Luke Blacker - General Manager

  • Stoke Park

    "The most biggest improvement has been the outfield itself with the BigMow robot, and the fact of without having the heavy machinery going over it on a daily basis the quality of the outfield has improved dramatically"
    Stuart Collier - Director of Golf

  • BigMow Robot Lawn Mower Side view

    Tonbridge Golf Centre

    "I was apprehensive at the start when seeing Phil and the robots for the first time because of how boggy our outfield gets in the winter – I thought ‘how are they going to get through the mud?’ But after 18 months I’ve realised that it was my heavy machinery on the outfield on a daily basis which were CREATING the mud ! ...Now we have no boggy conditions... big mow mulching the grass finely back into the ground … I can only see the condition of the outfield improving year on year – this is definitely the way forward for managing any driving range outfield."
    James Jones - Director

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The benefits of introducing automation to your workforce

BigMow at charge Station
Save money on operational costs

Cost Cutting

Save up to 50% on operational costs. Save time, transport costs, and fuel because the mower no longer needs to be transported from one field to another.

Energy Saving

Energy Efficient

Kinder to the environment. 90% less energy consumed, no noise and reduced CO2 emissions.

Enhance Your Workforce

Streamline Resources

BigMow robotic mowers eliminate the need for manual mowing, saving considerable time and allows for redistribution of personnel to other important tasks within the business

Soil Damage

Soil damage

An electric lawnmower is lighter than a petrol lawnmower, and does not damage the lawn, even when wet.

Diseased Grass


BigMow mowers reduce the risk of grass diseases developing.

No waste removal


No waste to pick up, transport, or process.

Damage to borders

Damage to borders

Athletics tracks can be crossed without damage

Moles detterant


The autonomous mower's constant operation and vibrations into the ground, acts as a deterrent to moles.

Chemical Fertilisers

Chemical Fertilisers

Constant mulching fertilises the grass naturally and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers.

Coring and scarification

Coring and scarification

The mower does not compact the soil, so coring and scarification is no longer necessary.

The Perfect Cut

Perfect Cut

The grass is always cut at the recommended cutting height, BigMow can be scheduled to cut 3 to 5 times a week



The robot mower can work 24/7 and be scheduled to cut different areas at different times. For exceptionally large areas, multiple BigMows can be used in conjunction with one another without issue.

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